Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cosmetics Station / Craft Desk Tidy using the new Xyron Creative Station and DCWV

My daughter has is crazy about make-up and is constantly showing me those fancy acrylic make-up stations that the pro make-up artist use, not to mention a few celebs.  Have you seen how much they cost, they are so expensive.  I told her I would make something for her but have been putting it off for a while but this week the new Xyron Creative Station arrived and I though that it was the perfect time to get started on the project.

The new Xyron Creative Station is AMAZING, can you believe that this machine takes BOTH the 9" and the 5" refills, its super sleek, looks so chic and is an essential piece of kit for your craft stash.  The machine will be available from June in the USA, UK and Europe release dates to be confirmed.

I made a short YouTube video introducing the new Xyron Creative Station, you can view it here.

Right onto the project and here is the Cosmetic Station / Craft Tidy.  Choosing the paper was left to my daughter and she wanted to use the jelly bean print from the DCWV 'The Sweet Stack'.  I'll be making another one of these very soon for my craft room but can't decide between the 'Tres Chic' or the 'Ciao Bella' DCWV Stacks.

So here it is, the Cosmetic Station / Craft Tidy.  Below are the instructions for making your very own. I have used 5mm Foam Board.  

Cosmetic Station / Craft Tidy

Materials Used

The New Xyron Creative Station
5mm Foam Board (A3 x 6)


You can also download these instruction from my Dropbox folder here.

Here are some pictures of how I covered the unit:

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See you again soon.

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The NEW Xyron Creative Station has arrived !

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Friday, May 1, 2015

DCWV May Sketch Challenge projects

It's May and time for the DCWV Sketch Challenge.  Check out the DCWV blog for more amazing projects from the DCWV Designers.  Using the sketch below and using your DCWV products you can enter and be in with the chance of winning some fabulous goodies.

Card Sketch

Layout Sketch

Supplies Used

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Handmade Computer Shelf using Xyron and DCWV

So I have been having a horrid run of bad luck with technical equipment these past few weeks.  The refrigerator, dishwasher and drier all decided to break down.  Then my car needed a replacement clutch and flywheel and to top it all off my Laptop USB' ports ALL fell apart and disintegrated.  I swear I must have 'The Force' cause nothing in my hands is safe at the moment.

I decided to upgrade from a Laptop to one of those fancy pants touch screen all in one desktop PCs. Yep I'm wondering too how long it will take for me to break it lol.  So since this new piece of kit takes up a lot of desk space I decided to make a shelf for it so that the keyboard and mouse could be hidden when not in use.  Plus I have two external drives and a set of speakers not to mention a sea of cables cluttering up my work space.

I wanted to keep it simple and not have a mega structure sitting on my desk so I made a single shelf unit but I can adapt it in the future if needed. Oh and one more thing, I ain't no carpenter so forgive the rough put together :).

I covered the outside and will paint the underside but wanted to blog the basics :).

PC Shelf


Xyron Creatopia
Xyron 9" Creative Station
DCWV The Homespun Stack
Mod Podge Hardcoat
1" Plywood
Foam Strip

How it's made

Measure and cut the pieces

Cut out the center piece for cable access

You can either use screws through the top into the side pieces alone but I added brackets because the PC is very heavy and i wanted the extra support.

Add the back piece but ensure it is to one side to leave a gap to feed cables through

I used an electric plain on the edges to smooth them out

Yep it aint the prettiest yet but a few coats of pain should fix that, or I might remove the hinges, cover with paper and put the hinges back

I picked the striped papers from the DCWV 

Cut pieces to cover the side walls and using the 9" Creative Station over the outside of the shelf. 

The centre hole needs to be covered before the top using strips of paper

The top of the shelf needs two sheets of 12 x 12 paper.  Run through the Xyron Creatopia and place on the top.

Cut the opening out.  Apply three coats of Mod Podge

The finished shelf

Thanks so much for stopping by today, make sure to follow Xyron and  DCWV on Facebook .

I'm also on facebook if you want to stop by and say hi !

See you again soon.
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